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About Charybdis

The two most frequently asked questions about Charybdis Computer Services are: "What is Charybdis?" and "How do you pronounce Charybdis?"

Charybdis is a creature, or perhaps better described as a monster from Greek mythology. In one of the her more prominent roles, the hero Odysseus had to sail between the monsters Scylla and Charybdis on his way home. Charybdis was the monster which, depending on the version of the story one reads, creates a whirlpool by swallowing huge amounts or water, or simply is the whirlpool herself. The whirlpool is the origin of the logo of Charybdis Computer Services.

Charybdis is pronounced kuh-rib-dis

• Why Charybdis?

In April of 2000, the owner for the first time assembled a whole computer for himself, in the classroom where he took sophomore english where they had studied the Odyssey. Being quite fond of the name Charybdis, he gave it to this first computer. Since then, every new desktop has been named Charybdis and two laptops have been named Scylla, the counterpart of Charybdis in Greek mythology.
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