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Charybdis Computer Services

Founded in 2000, Charybdis Computer Services provides reliable, experienced, on-site and in-shop technical support and advice regarding a wide variety of IT areas. Our primary field of expertise is with Windows-based desktop and notebook computer systems. We are able to troubleshoot and diagnose most hardware and software problems and implement a solution which is both effective and cost-efficient for the client.

Charybdis Computer Services is an authorized reseller for Toshiba products, and has access to numerous offerings by other major manufacturers as well. We custom build desktop computers to fit our clients' needs, using hardware from trusted manufacturers with a track record for reliability so that the computer they buy gives them more trouble-free years of service than comparable national brands. The systems we build are assembled with longevity in mind and as such are designed to be upgraded for an extended lifecycle and not simply replaced every few years.

With access to thousands of computer-related products, we can cover the technology needs of home users and small businesses alike. Our prices are habitually lower than a comparable purchase in major retail stores.

We can provide regarding web design and hosting solutions, however, Charybdis Computer Services is not currently accepting new clients for its web design service.

Novel Problem Solutions:
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• Security Solutions

Charybdis Computer Services has partnered with Bitdefender to provide scalable security solutions to home users and businesses alike.

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