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Our Location

Charybdis Computer Services is currently operated out of the home of the owner. Any in-shop work will be performed at the following location:

68 Main St.
Franklin, ME 04634

Work is, and has been ongoing since 2003 in the preparation of a permanent home for Charybdis Computer Services approximately 1/2 mile up the road at:

10 Main St.
Franklin, ME 04634

The 10 Main St. location is intended to house the in-shop service portion of the business, along with a planned Internet Cafe and office service center. The approximately 1200 square foot facility is currently being renovated to support a full range of office needs such as color copying, fax, and drop-off and pick-up of packages from major couriers. The location, historically known as the Gott Store is tentatively being slated for rebirth as the Franklin Technology Lab, a service of Charybdis Computer Services. Upon completion, we intend to expand to offering customized training programs to our list of services.

• Respecting a Historic Centerpiece

In 2004, the owner of Charybdis Computer Services took possession of the Gott Store. The building was built around 1865 by noted Franklin shipwright John Paul Gordon. He passed the building onto his sister and she, in turn, passed it to her husband, Frank P. Gott, Sr. In the early 1900's, around the time a full cellar was blasted out from underneath the structure, it passed from Frank Gott, Sr. to his son who continued to operate Frank P. Gott's General Merchandise until the late 1960's. Throughout its existence, up until 2001, the building housed apartments upstairs and was even the location of the Franklin telephone operator's switchboard. In 2003, structural renovations commenced and in 2006 and 2007 the building's exterior receive a much needed refresh.
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