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Printer Ink & Toner Purchasing Program

In March of 2009, expanding upon the relationship Charybdis Computer Services had with its distributor, we began to coordinate a program to buy printer ink and toner cartridges in bulk quantities by filling orders for multiple clients at the same time while maintaining almost zero inventory. The original concept was to have a scheduled order every two months, however, the program has been popular enough to warrant a monthly order. Here's how it works:

We maintain a database of the printers our clients own. We also maintain a database of cartridges that correspond to those printers. In this way, if a client says we need cartridge X for printer Y, we know exactly which part they are looking for and add that part to the order list. On the first Monday of every month, we submit an order for ink and toner cartridges to our distributor. By submitting an order for a larger quantity of cartridges, the distributor gives us more favorable pricing. By keeping the order to as few shipments as possible, we minimize freight charges.

When the monthly order arrives, the cartridges are divided up among the clients who ordered them. Freight is distributed according to the clients' percentage of the total merchandise value in the order. Most times, we can even deliver the ink cartridges while we are on our repair route. Unless we take them out for delivery, they will be available for pick-up at our Franklin, Maine location.

The big question is: does this save people money? The simple answer is a resounding "Yes!" Here are the results for the orders from April, through July of 2009.

Order Date Savings Per Cartridge
Minimum Average Maximum
4/6/2009 $3.61 $11.73 $46.68
5/4/2009 $1.36 $6.35 $24.54
6/1/2009 $3.80 $14.50 $49.95
7/6/2009 $2.04 $8.26 $41.54

• Who is Eligible?

Any client in good standing of Charybdis Computer Services is eligible to participate in this program. Payment is due preferrably upon delivery but in any case, within 30 days. People who have never been clients before are accepted however, we request that you prepay your first order, after which you will be granted the same terms as other CCS clients.
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