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Our Rates

Charybdis Computer Services is dedicated to value: quality service and products at the most affordable price. Our rates are currently some of the most competitive in the area and we intend to keep them low for some time while we continue to grow.

On-Site Residential & Small Business Technical Support: $27.00/hr
In-Shop Residential & Small Business Technical Support: $27.00/hr

On-Site Municipal Technical Support: $25.00/hr
In-Shop Municipal Technical Support: $25.00/hr

Web Design and Modifications: $27.00/hr

Travel to Your Location: $0.40/mi one way, per service call

Recycling & Disposal Fees: quoted upon request

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In 1998, in the Ellsworth area, in-shop technical support and upgrades were billed at $40.00/hr. Today, those same services can reach over $60.00/hr. Web design can easily range from $100.00 to $125.00/hr. Some local computer repair shops charge up to $75.00/hr for on-site technical support.
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